Front Doors: New Twists On The Classic Red Door

Whether it's the eye-catching color or attempting to make an homage to the Chinese feng shui belief that red attracts positivity, the classic red door can transform your home's aesthetic and provide an accent feature that never ceases to impress.

Here are just some of the ways that a licensed door contractor can help you put a unique twist on the classic red design.

Contrasting Side Panels

If your entryway is wide enough, your front door contractor can expand a common door into an expansive and elegant one or they can implement a two-paneled classic red door design.

Colors: Although the classic red door is normally painted in a bold shade of red, you can balance the red by painting your side panels (or at least the framing) an equally strong primary color. For instance, bold shades of black, grey, or blue, particularly when they're also featured in exterior accents like gutters and window shutters, can help you form a thematic design for your whole house.

Glass: Most archetypal red door designs tend to shy away from glass. However, even if you're keeping your red door glassless, your side panels can be outfitted with virtually endless combinations of glass designs. For instance, you can use three slender glass panels with progressively frosted opacity to provide both privacy and contrast. The top panel will have maximum frosting to prevent nosy guests from looking into your entryway at eye level, while keeping the lower panels less frosted to allow light to flow into your entryway. Some homeowners looking to strike a more antique or Victorian tone with their red door will choose stained-glass side panel patterns to achieve a more austere balance to the vibrant red.

Craftsman Woodworking

Craftsman-style designs give the feel of hand-hewn expertise. Many classic red doors feature Craftsman-style accents to create a modern and timeless simplicity.

Slants and Angles: Simple woodworking touches give craftsman-style red doors a whole new feel. For instance, you front door contractor can integrate angular woodworking into your red door to complement how light and shadows fall across your entryway. If your entryway is south-facing, subtle slants and angularities can help offset full sun exposure.

Notches and mail slots: No Craftsman-style door is complete without a prominent notch or a quaint-looking mail slot. For the notch, your front door contractor can create a beveled edge below the eye-level glass panels. They can also build notches into the recessed door panels to add additional levels of relief into the design. When it comes to the mail slot, bold brasses or cast-iron hardware can add a whimsical flourish to you door. Be sure to ask your front door design contractor for multiple notch and mail slot options. Some of the best front door contractors can fabricate these features in their shops to deliver a truly unique look.

French Doors

One of the hottest trends in front door design is swapping out traditional front doors for French doors. This is a particularly great option if your front door opens to a large yard or outdoor living space.

Vertical planks: Because French doors tend to be wider and squatter than normal doors, you can elongate your red door design with planks. These planks come in a variety of widths, compositions, and textures. For more modern home designs, reclaimed metal paneling or wainscoting can make your red door design feel chic and bold.

Hardware: Modernist approaches to red door designs often include unique hardware features. For instance, you might choose a compact and backless front door knob or recessed hinges to make your French door more minimalistic.

Contact a door contractor to learn more about designing front doors.