What Happens During The Hardwood Flooring Refinishing Process?

If there are hardwood floors in your home, you might want to refinish them. The refinishing process provides an upgrade to the hardwood floors to bring out their beauty and make them sparkle like new again. The contractors you hire can get rid of any imperfections on the floors while making them look better than ever before.

What Can the Contractors Do When Working on the Flooring?

The contractors often get started on the hardwood floors by looking around at any imperfections. They need to figure out what types of damage they might need to fix before they begin the project. After the inspection of the hardwood flooring, the contractors may follow these next steps:

  • Carefully sanding the floors using a drum floor sander. The drum floor sander is a device the contractors can push around on the floor. It is large enough to get more sanding done in a lot less time.
  • Using an electric detail sander for areas that are hard to reach on the floors, including corners.
  • Wiping down the floors to remove any debris from all the sanding that occurred beforehand.
  • Applying the specific type of wood finish you want. There are multiple options available, including varnish and oil finishes.

If you would like to change the color of the hardwood flooring, you can ask the contractor to apply stain before they go over the flooring with the finish of your choice. Just like you can choose the type of finish you want, you can also select the type of stain you like the most.

Why Is It Ideal to Refinish the Hardwood Floors?

The best reason to hire contractors who can refinish your hardwood flooring is to make your home's interior look better. Fresh flooring gives each room a new and upgraded look. It can easily change the appearance of your space for the better. However, there are additional benefits to getting the floors refinished. It increases the overall value of the home and keeps unwanted insects away. It will keep you from having to pay a large amount of money to get the floors replaced.

Get your floors refinished by contractors like Alpine Wood Flooring Inc  to intensify their beautiful appearance while making the home much more valuable. You get to pick the stain and finish you prefer before the contractors begin working on sanding down everything and making the essential changes to your flooring. You should instantly love the finished results when the contractors complete the job for you.