Rocky Landscaping with Waterless Hardscaping Using Stone and River Rocks

The modern landscaping design for your home can be many different design options. One of the options you will want to consider for greener, environmentally friendly landscaping is a waterless design. This can be accomplished with the right hardscaping and natural features like river rock or stone. The following ideas use river rock and stone to create natural-looking features:

Stone Gardens for Attractive Plant Alternatives

One of the first options that you will want to consider for waterless landscaping design is an attractive stone garden. These can be natural and artificial rocks that are used to create different shapes and designs to enhance the appearance of your landscaping. These rock gardens can be enhanced with contrasting colors of river rock for the ground coverings around them.

Create Landscape Drainage and a Dry Well with Aggregate

Landscaping drainage is another important feature that you may want to have for a waterless design. It can be a good way to collect water for your home or to water the few plants that may still be planted in your landscaping. First, use gravel to fill dry drainage canals and then finish them on the surface with a layer of river rock. For the storage, a basin can be built and filled with gravel to create a dry well to contain excess water. This is a great way to store water for use around your home, but you want to make sure the basin is sealed to contain the water and prevent it from filtering through the soil.

Replace Lawns with Attractive River Rock Ground Covering

The lawns in your landscaping are the areas where most water gets wasted. Therefore, you need solutions to replace these areas with a waterless ground covering. You may be thinking about artificial turf, which actually does need watering. Therefore, as an alternative to green lawns, you can use attractive river rock materials. The rock materials will add attractive colors, shapes, and textures to the surface of your new landscaping design.

Artificial Rock Formations to Add Structures to Landscaping

There are also a lot of options that can be built by creating artificial rock formations. These can be gardens and features that add privacy to outdoor living space. In addition, the artificial rock formations can also have finished interiors for cool design elements like grottos or other gathering spaces beneath the artificial stone.

The right landscaping hardscaping design will help give your home a look you want with a waterless design. If you are ready to start some of these projects, contact a landscaping supply service to order river rock and natural stone for the landscaping around your home.