Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips When It’s Time To Transition To Fall

The final days of summer and the transition into the fall season is a time some homeowners look forward to, especially if you've been dreaming of changing colors, apple cider, and pumpkin patches. But before you move forward into autumn, there's one reminder of summer that you should make sure is properly taken care of, and that's your air conditioner. Here are some air conditioner maintenance tips to keep in mind as you transition into the autumn season.

Clean It Out

If you didn't clean your A/C all summer long, it's time to open up the unit and wipe away any accumulated debris or dirt. Yes, it could still pick up some additional dust when it's in storage during the winter, but you don't want your air conditioner's important internals sitting in dirt and grime any longer than is needed. Put your air conditioner into storage nice and clean, and it'll be easier to get things started next summer as well.

Remove the Air Filter

Your air conditioner's air filter helps air circulate more easily and helps your A/C run efficiently, possibly lowering your energy bill in the process. How often did you actually change the air filter this summer? If you are like a lot of homeowners, the answer might be "not at all." Don't put a dirty air filter into storage. Take it out now so you are forced to buy a new one when next spring or summer arrives. If the air filter is the type that is washable, you should still remove it and wash it before putting it back in.

The Perfect Time for Inspection

The change from the summer to the fall lie also one of the best times of year to schedule a professional checkup for your entire HVAC system. A seasoned pro will make sure your air conditioner is properly shut down and ready to be put into long-term storage. If you have central air, they can also check all of the air ducts and vents, clean them a bit for you, and ensure that your HVAC system is ready to transition towards using the furnace as the weather begins to get colder.

Your air conditioner served you and your family well all summer long, so do right by it and make sure it's cleaned out and taken care of before you put anything into storage. One last tip: If you have a window unit instead of central air, put the entire thing inside of a couple of garbage bags in order to prevent dust from getting in while it's being stored

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