Residential Electric Resolutions For The New Year

Every turn of the calendar back to January brings with it an opportunity to take a look at your life or the world around you and figure out what you want to do better during the year to come. If you are a homeowner, the New Year may also be a good time to assess the current state of your house and what you can do to keep things safe or running smoothly. This could be especially true for your residential electric system. Here are some residential electrical tips to keep in mind during this New Year and every year.

Check All Extension Cords or Wires

You've likely hooked up more than a few things to power over the years, and maybe you've had to use a number of extension cords or power strips or other adapters to get the wiring to where it needs to be. Extension cords and other power cables can degrade over time and it only takes one exposed wire to cause a potentially dangerous situation that could cause a fire or even harm someone. Inspect all extension cords or other exposed wiring throughout the house. Remove tripping hazards if you see any, and if it's been a long time since you've replaced your power strips or surge protectors, you might want to invest in some new electrical hardware to ensure you get the protection that you need while maintaining a safe household.

Check All Outlets to Ensure Proper Function and No Safety Issues

Beyond the cabling, cords, or wires, don't forget to look at each power outlet as well. Don't put too many devices into one outlet, and make sure that none of the outlets or power sources in your home are getting loose. You don't want the entire outlet to jostle or move in any way when trying to plug or unplug something. If something is loose, it's likely best to let a professional get everything snug and secured again.

Check Your Meter Now and Throughout the Year

To ensure you aren't using more electrical power than expected, check the reading on your outside meter and document this over time. If your electrical bill goes up unexpectedly, check the meter to make sure it's working properly or retain professional help.

The New Year is a Great Time to Contact a Residential Electrical Contractor to Schedule an Inspection

For best results, contact a local electrician with residential expertise for a full inspection. Beyond inspecting your outlets and checking your cords or other wiring, they may notice other potential issues that the typical homeowner could overlook.