Choosing Decking Material For Your New Construction Home? Reasons To Choose Vinyl Decking

Opting to construct a new home, instead of buying an existing one, is often the best way to ensure that the finished structure will align with your family's housing needs and desires. In addition to design preferences, those who choose to build also get to make important decisions about the materials, finishes, and systems they want to include in the project. 

If the home's design will include deck, porch, or patio spaces that would normally be constructed using lumber for the flooring, railings, and stairs, it can be beneficial to consider using vinyl decking materials instead. The following information outlines four reasons to add vinyl decking to the building materials list when building a new construction home. 

Reduction of maintenance 

While pressure-treated to increase durability and weather resistance, wooden deck boards, railings, and stair treads still require regular maintenance to extend their lifespan. Depending on their exposure to the elements and the climate conditions of the area, wooden decks may require painting, staining, or sealing every few years throughout their lifespan. Because vinyl decking does not deteriorate, homeowners are able to avoid maintenance beyond simple cleaning or leaf removal. 

Extended lifespan

Wood decking materials are subject to becoming weakened over time due to warping, decay, or general deterioration of the surfaces. In contrast, vinyl decking materials are designed to last decades longer. Because of their extended durability, many manufacturers of vinyl decking offer attractive warranties on their products. 

Protection from injuries

Safety is another excellent reason to choose vinyl decking over wood, especially if you have young children or plan to use your deck frequently. Even pressure-treated wood decking is likely to splinter or crack as it ages, leaving sharp edges exposed. Additionally, wood decking may begin to shift position if it warps or cracks, often creating an increased risk of tripping or falling injuries when the deck is in use. 

Avoid common pest issues

It is also worth noting that wooden decking boards can be subject to many common destructive insect problems, like infestations of carpenter bees and termites. Since vinyl decking does not attract these common pests, homeowners who choose vinyl decking can enjoy a more trouble-free user experience. 

Vinyl decking can also be a more environmentally smart choice over wood because some or all of the layers can be manufactured using recycled plastics instead of harvested timber. To learn more about vinyl decking and how it might benefit your new home construction project, contact a residential deck contractor.