Sewer Pump Information For Homeowners

The plumbing system for your home can be a complex system that you may not fully understand. Depending on the design of your plumbing system, becoming familiar with the sewer pump can be an important step in becoming capable of effectively maintaining this critical part of the home.

Faulty Sewer Pumps Can Lead To Your Home's Water Becoming Contaminated

A sewer pump will play the role of helping to expel the wastewater that is coming from the home's plumbing. Unfortunately, failures with this pump can increase the risk of the home's drinking water becoming contaminated by the wastewater. This occurs as the sewer line can become backed up to the point where there is intermixing of these water sources. Not surprisingly, this could make the water unsafe to be used until the sewer pump is repaired or replaced. As a result of this extreme complication, homeowners should be proactive when they suspect that their sewer pump is reaching the end of its lifespan.

A Sewer Pump Is Not Just Beneficial To Homes That Are In Low Terrain

For homes that are built in low-lying areas, a sewer pump can be an essential tool for allowing the home to expel its wastewater. This is due to the inability of the water in the sewer line to travel up to the sewer system connection with the assistance of a pump. However, you should also be aware that these pumps can also be beneficial for homes that are not at low elevations. This is due to the ability of the sewer pump to ensure that there is sufficient force to ensure a smooth flow of water through the sewer line. Additionally, these pumps will have grinders in them that can reduce the chances of solid materials creating clogs.

The Life Of A New Sewer Pump Can Be Extended With Periodic Maintenance

The plumbing system in a home will not be particularly maintenance intensive. However, the sewer pump is one of the components that may benefit greatly from regular maintenance service. These pumps can suffer immense wear over the course of time, and regular maintenance will prevent this wear from being able to cause significant damage to the mechanical components of the system. Regular maintenance will allow these issues to be addressed before they are able to cause a malfunction or other performance problem for the system. Generally, this service is only required every few years, but it may greatly extend the usable life of the sewer pump for your home. 

For more information about sewer pump installation, contact a local plumber.