Are You Postponing Your Foundation Repair? 3 Reasons You Might Regret It

Your home's foundation offers support to the rest of the building. So, if the foundation has issues, this could trigger a domino effect, leading to more serious problems. That's why it is vital to repair foundation damages as soon as they arise. Unfortunately, most people fail to handle foundation repairs immediately because they don't know they the foundation has issues in the first place and rarely pay attention to warning signs.

However, foundation repairs are more costly and hectic to handle the longer you delay them. Read on to find out why it is important to learn the early signs of foundation damage and call the repair experts as soon as you notice them. 

1. Sinking and Settling Foundation 

Your home's foundation holds the walls and other structures like the roof together. However, when it experiences serious damage, the foundation can begin moving. A moving foundation will not have enough strength to hold the house together, causing the floor to become uneven. With time, the walls will start cracking, and the doors will not fit seamlessly. If you ignore these issues, the house will eventually settle and sink. Therefore, don't wait until you experience a sinking foundation before you can call the professionals. 

2. Damage to the Plumbing System

Though some homes have their water pipes above ground, most are found underground. Therefore, when the foundation begins shifting, it might exert a lot of pressure on these pipes. As a result, the water pipes are prone to breaking and leaking. These water leaks will continue weakening the surrounding soil that supports your foundation, increasing the extent of the damage. Unfortunately, it is not easy to identify damage to the water pipes below your foundation until the leaks become visible. So, call the experts to repair your foundation immediately after noticing minor issues to prevent damage to the plumbing system.

3. Moisture Accumulation and Mold Growth 

Once the foundation develops cracks and the broken pipes begin leaking water, the foundation will absorb most of this moisture. Unfortunately, excessive moisture promotes mold development and growth. This mold will continue eating at the foundation and interior walls, increasing the extent of the damage. Additionally, inhaling these mold spores increases the risk of respiratory problems like breathing difficulties and asthma.

Foundation repairs can be costly and might tempt you to postpone the repairs. However, taking chances with foundation problems can lead to costlier damages. For instance, the foundation might sink, damaging the pipes and exposing the foundation to excessive moisture. Therefore, take the time to learn the early signs of foundation damage to call the professionals on time and avoid serious issues.

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