When Is Refinishing The Right Approach To Remodeling?

If you're looking for ways to simplify home remodeling work or reduce some of the potential costs, refinishing might be an option. While home refinishing might not work for every aspect of the job, it can shave some of the expenses without sacrificing quality. You should know when refinishing is the right approach so here are some criteria.

Solid Base

Refinishing generally means either modifying existing materials or attaching new stuff to the old base. Consequently, the existing base needs to be solid.

If you're swapping out the dated trim around a bunch of windows, for example, you don't want to attach it to anything that's less than ideal. Otherwise, there's a risk that a deteriorating base will eventually damage the refinished materials. That might mean that work that should have delivered 20 or 30 years of service might fall apart in 5 to 10 years. Worse, you'll be paying to fix the base and the recently updated trim.

Good Layout

Most folks doing home remodeling work don't want to renovate spaces that are already difficult. However, if the basic layout of a room is already walkable and functional, then home refinishing work can be a great option.

If you hate a room and want to redo its design, take some time to consider whether the layout is the main problem. You may hate the decor, and that fact can taint your overall opinion of everything else in the room. Many home remodeling firms have 3-D software to aid the design process. Have a professional show you what a refinished version of the room would look like. If you still hate the room after looking at several refinishing proposals, then have at renovating the space.


There is also a strong argument for refinishing a room if you like its general style. Some rooms age poorly for reasons besides design. A room with significant sun exposure through a large window, for example, might degrade because of UV damage. Carpeting, paint, and surfaces can all degrade. Likewise, many materials collect crud over the years. A bathroom may look awful because it has grime in the grout and a few cracked tiles.

If you look at a room and can see that its style just needs some restoration, refinishing may be the answer. You might have to do a few updates to modernize an older style, but you'd be surprised how little tweaks can change things. Also, swapping out fixtures and trim often brings out the original wow factor. 

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