The Benefits An Aerial Drone Survey Can Provide Prior To Construction

`Did you recently purchase a piece of land with the intent to build a home or commercial business on it? Before you break ground or start talking with contractors, you might want to get a better idea of what you are working with. You may have received information on the property prior to the sale but it's possible to go beyond the basics by using an aerial drone survey. Here's what a drone survey can do and why it might be important to get one before starting new construction.

Map Out Your Blueprint With High-Resolution Images

If you are planning extensive work for your new land, it might help you or your contractors to be able to see exactly what the terrain looks like in detail even when they are not yet on site. An aerial drone can be used to take high-resolution images of the entire property and then you can use these images to map out exactly what will be built where.

Use LiDAR to Examine the Terrain

Light detection and ranging technology, more commonly known as LiDAR, can be used to get accurate and in-depth details about the property even from a drone that's hovering far above the land. You'll be able to figure out the exact topography you are dealing with and use this to create accurate 3D models of the property. Instead of just telling the contractor that an area is hilly or has a steep incline, you can show them the images combined with the LiDAR information to let them know exactly what they will be working with.

Cover a Large Area Fast

If your new property is expansive, it might take quite some time to walk the area and conduct a survey from the ground. An aerial drone can zip back and forth quickly and up and over difficult terrain. You can get a survey of the entire area in a fraction of the time that it would take you to get the same results on the ground.

Safer Than Walking the Grounds

An aerial drone survey is also safer for both you and anyone else who would otherwise have to walk the grounds to see what's going on. You can avoid difficult terrain completely and safely judge the situation from the sky.

Get Ongoing Updates of the Construction

You don't have to stop using your drone service after the initial survey is done. Send a drone in periodically to see an update on construction even if you can't personally get to the work site.

For more information on drone surveying, contact a professional near you.