Discover 5 Unique Faucet Types at Your Local Plumbers’ Supply Store

Plumbers' supply stores offer a wide range of faucets you may not be able to find in a regular hardware store. This blog post will explore five unique types of faucets that you can find at your local plumbers' supply store and give you some insights into what makes them special.

The Wall-Mounted Faucet:
A wall-mounted faucet is an excellent addition to any modern bathroom or kitchen. Instead of sitting on the sink deck or countertop, the faucet mounts directly onto the wall. This feature prevents clutter around the sink and makes cleaning easier for you, besides providing a striking visual appeal. They come in various finishes and models, from sleek and minimalistic to ornate and vintage.

The Pot-Filler Faucet:
As the name suggests, the pot-filler faucet is designed for filling your cooking pots without carrying them from the sink to the stove. This type of faucet usually mounts on the wall near the stove, so you can fill your pot on the stove instead of carrying it back and forth from the sink. You can find pot-fillers in numerous designs, from brushed nickel to polished brass, and with multiple features, such as swing arms for added flexibility.

The Pull-Out Spray Faucet:
If you are into cooking, the pull-out spray faucet may be the perfect choice for you. This faucet type features a retractable hose that pulls out from the spout, making it easier to rinse vegetables, fruits, or dishes in the sink. The pull-out spray faucet is one of the most practical and versatile options, available in various finishes, such as stainless steel, chrome, or matte black, and sleek modern designs or vintage-inspired ones.

The Clawfoot Tub Faucet:
If you have a clawfoot bathtub, you may want to consider a clawfoot tub faucet. They add an old-world charm and a luxurious feel to your bathroom. A clawfoot tub faucet mounts directly onto the tub, featuring a handheld showerhead and a diverter valve, providing a relaxing and indulging bath experience. They are available in various styles and finishes, including bronze, nickel, or chrome, and can fit almost any type of clawfoot tub.

The Sensor-Activated Faucet:
Last but not least, the sensor-activated faucet is a perfect choice for those looking for a modern and hygienic option. This faucet type includes a motion sensor that automatically turns the faucet on and off, eliminating the need to touch it with your hands. Sensor-activated faucets make your life easier, reducing contact with germs and microbes and preventing water waste. They are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, or any other high-traffic areas, with varying designs and finishes.

If you think about renovating your home, upgrading your faucets can drastically change the look, feel, and functionality of your house. Plumbing supply stores offer a vast choice of unique faucets that you will not find in typical hardware stores. With this guide, you can explore five unique faucet types and choose the best option that suits your style and needs.