Questions Homeowners Often Have About New Window Installation

If you would like to have new windows installed in your home, your first step should be to call a local window installation contractor. They can look over your home, tell you what windows would suit your needs, and give you a quote for new window installation This process usually goes pretty smoothly, but if you're like most homeowners, you probably have some questions you'd like answered before you go ahead with window installation. Read More 

The Benefits An Aerial Drone Survey Can Provide Prior To Construction

`Did you recently purchase a piece of land with the intent to build a home or commercial business on it? Before you break ground or start talking with contractors, you might want to get a better idea of what you are working with. You may have received information on the property prior to the sale but it's possible to go beyond the basics by using an aerial drone survey. Here's what a drone survey can do and why it might be important to get one before starting new construction. Read More 

Concrete Tile And Fiber Cement Tile Rooftop Repairs

Concrete and fiber cement roof tiles that become cracked could lead to leaks and damage to the membrane that rests below the cracked roofing materials. A contractor will use the following steps when repairing your roof. Minor Damage To Tiles Cracks are one of the most common types of damage that tile rooftops endure. Cracks can occur if too much stress is placed on a rooftop. For instance, a fallen tree limb that is heavy could damage roofing materials. Read More 

Everything You Need To Know About Asphalt Driveways And Asphalt Seal Coating

Asphalt is a popular material for paving driveways, roads, and highways. It's made from a combination of sand, gravel, and tar. Asphalt driveways have been gaining popularity among homeowners because of their cost-effectiveness, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Here's what you need to know about asphalt driveways, from their durability to the benefits of asphalt seal coating. What Is Asphalt? Asphalt is a type of pavement composed of gravel and sand bound together by asphalt cement. Read More 

Seawalls | Heroes Of The Waterfront

Water is a powerful force. Its relentless waves can erode shorelines, destroy buildings, and cause untold damage to homes along its edge. However, seawalls were designed to withstand the onslaught of wave after wave. Here's a closer look at what goes into new seawall construction.  What Is a Seawall? A seawall is a structure built to protect the shoreline from erosion. The erosion can be from wave action due to racing speedboats and personal watercraft on an inland lake or the fierceness of Mother Nature on a larger body of water. Read More